You can use the mouse wheel to zoom out if you like. Optenni Lab offers fast fully-automatic matching circuit optimization tools, including automatic generation of multiple optimal topologies, estimation of the obtainable bandwidth of antennas and calculation of the worst-case isolation in multi-antenna systems. By default a distance equal to 20 times the model size is chosen for the simulation duration. A decoupling plane restricts the plane wave excitation to the front domain and includes the reflected wave properly in the excitation. This would be necessary if the gap across the slot is too large for the compact slot model. It is usually best to turn off perspective, View Perspective for axial views. Make sure you visit our workshop section.

cst microstripes

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The mode profile is calculated using initial conditions defined inside the initial mode. What are the functions of CST Microstripes? Look at the examples folder in the installation directory.

In this situation the presence of the physical cable may not significantly affect the fields seen at a distance.

CST2013: Field Source Overview

An Overview of Workflo Object names, groups or components, and colors are preserved where possible on import. Also, if you want to apply an operation to just one face of an object, such as a sweep, then pressing the shift key on the keyboard will allow you to click to select a face in the drawing area.


On selecting the Anisotropic check box, two extra columns appear for each property. Advance registration is normally required.

cst microstripes

Radiation For radiation problems, the signal is excited on the cables or cable terminations, and the 3D tool is used to predict radiation from the system. It is useful for defining ports in double ridge waveguides. Customers can customize their accounts once they have completed the ct creation process.

Splitting the complex system into smaller elements, each described by its S-matrix, allows the behavior of the complete system to be analyzed by mivrostripes results obtained from smaller segments. By connecting the effects of the cable harness and its circuit elements within the circuit simulator you are able to simulate your entire system in a most realistic way.

These can be entered manually or the Pick loop button can be microstgipes to obtain the parameters from the model view by picking any edge in the end profile of the waveguide. Double clicking on a result will either display the result immediately if it is up to date, or regenerate it and display it.

cst microstripes

It is designed to analyze the effects of a cable harness including its circuit elements. The advantage of specifying a thickness of 0.

Left mouse click when the cursor is over the block. When either modeler is open, you can select File Import to import a model.

cst microstripes

Junctions between wires are defined by setting the end points of 2 or more wires to be coincident. You type values in to define the location of the conductor microsstripes or pick geometry with the mouse. Far Field Plot Click on the Far field radiation pattern results for this frequency.


Cst microstripes –

If the calculation domain is intersected by a metallic plane which is supposed to extend to infinity, it is necessary to define this structure as a decoupling plane. Cell size wanted near to and far from model Three cell sizes are used to control the mesh definition: The currents along the path of the cables are calculated for an AC task and stored in a file typically with the name: Below you will find several examples microstrkpes were selected from some commonly used textbooks.

Make sure you visit our workshop section. Double click the Frequency Domain target to regenerate the xst. Mesh lines are added to the cross-sectional extents of any port region in the model. This program combines a user-friendly interface with unsurpassed simulation performance. For example you may want to capture emissions from an antenna, and then simulate the antenna on a larger system such as on an aircraft.

Refine faces with N cells: Events Search for events by location, industry and application. Please note the description of the broadband imprint and the equivalence principle.