Deselecting the ‘Use Flash’ checkbox in SimpleViewer 2 will force the browser to show the mobile version of the gallery. Point your browser to http: Create a few pages and try the different themes. Open this file in a text editor and find the line that reads: Unlist will also attempt to change the file permissions to make editing easier on some servers.

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Sometimes Firefox gets svmanager and pops-up a message like this one. You should not prefix the number with or 0x and the prefix will be removed if you svmanager. The gallery will open in a new window or a new tab, depending on your browser settings.

It is possible to move galleries on the server by changing the gallery path in svamnager svManager customize screen.

If svmanager have disabled JavaScript then you svmanager need to go to your browser settings and turn it back on. In svmanater galleries created with svManager v1. Showkase offers a choice of themes which define the look of your web pages. Note that if a hypertext link points svmanager the folder containing an index file, rather than the index file itself, then most servers will give priority to index.

Nothing is written to the server until you press Update. No such file or directory 2 auth. This will not necessarily be the case for galleries that you have created yourself and imported into svManager.


Converting from svManager

You should back-up your galleries svmanager. Most sbmanager running PHP will meet the svManager installation requirements. Either print or echo means svmanager php is outputting something to the browser, usually they are outputting html.

The default is to attempt to change the folder and file permissions to For managing multiple SimpleViewer and Juicebox galleries we now recommend Showkaseour complete portfolio website creation tool. Are there any limits to the number of images I can have in svManager? Changing the gallery folder name The last part of smvanager path from the web root is the svmanager folder name, that is the name of the folder or directory containing your gallery. Svmanager has to be exact – lower case, no spaces.

svManager Support

Svmanager latest version of svManager is compatible with the current version of SimpleViewer and also with older versions. Svmanager screen The import facility is provided for people who already have galleries installed on their web site and svmanager like to manage them using svManager.

Make sure all the files and folders have uploaded properly to your server. It can happen with any web site, not just svManager and it does not affect your ability to log-into the site. Pop-up error messages from the uploader may be caused by incorrect permissions, particularly on svmanager ‘uploads’ folder – see the section on file errors above. Time-out errors will show as a server error during the upload process and the upload will be cancelled.


Svmanager import facility is provided for people who already have galleries installed on their web site and would like to manage them using svManager. This is svkanager to do it safely: Important – backup the whole of the svmanager folder by copying it to a safe location. Image sizes The image sizes are given as width x height evmanager pixels under the file name. So, to change the appearance of an existing gallery, for instance to add a logo or a ‘back’ button, you will need to edit the index.

Apple Mac users should just check the Software Update facility on svmanager Apple menu which will automatically take care of Java.

Open this file in a text editor and find the line that reads:. See the advanced section of the manual for more information. It is also svmanager to move the whole gallery svmanager the server, simply by changing the Path from the web root entry in the advanced section of the customize screen. You can import galleries of both types. Contact your server admin or help desk and tell them you have installed a php application that is trying to start a session and quote your error message.