For some time now, all the tavian servers are being upgraded, and in doing so the checkbox “Remember my login” has been removed for the login screen. Because it’s your web. Sherpishoru, thanks for the reply and the explaination and indeed it is helpful. Is there a way to tell the program my village name instead of the position? If in doubt please contact the author via the discussion board below.

travian autotask

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I have tested this tool but it’s show error. Please pardon my ignorance in this but I’m really stuck. The Resource Concentration mode is used to shift res around, from feeder villages to main villages.

I developed this tool to automatically accomplish tasks. A Web Game in an Hour.

Auto-Task Tool for Web Game Travian – CodeProject

This new date will set as the execution date of the task. Error with train troop order YzZzN 2-Dec 9: Based uatotask this script: Set the limit on the resources that are flowing in to this village. The list view is much more readable. Login problem Mihai Manole May 6: These seem to interfere with the login processes used by Autotask! Like the same suggests, it does it automatically when one party is done and enough resource is available.


Greetings, First thanks many for this code and for the time as well. It presents the troop training task.

Auto-Task Tool for Web Game Travian

Someone knows how to solve this problem? I am getting errors with the task file.

travian autotask

Sherpishoru, thanks for the reply and the explaination and indeed it is helpful. Login problem magikcm Mar 4: This project is built by VC8.

Retry to get Travian village ID map failed. Login problem sirtyler54 Jan Troop dispatch bug fixed user.

travian autotask

Autotask looks for this field, but can’t find and returns a error. If player has more than one village, then is CTravianTask responsible for switching current villages. Now working with Firefox v3. Because it’s your web. In the final release the whole HTML page was not logged.

Travian 4+

It presents the develop task. Does it automatically when the village builders are finished and when enough res is available [Feature below accessible via Town Hall] Schedule Zutotask URL of the server.


Before compiling the source project, you need to compile the cryptopp54 project first. I’ve not autotxsk it yet, but I want. The URL is invalid retry counter: Form input fields count: I type server,nickname and password,but i dont know what is task file?