When I heard of the Russian version a few years ago I thought it must be even better. And I also disagree that it was about finding identity or anything like that. All that to the accompaniment of a radio announcement about the forces of evil being at their most powerful, and people better staying indoors and avoiding water. He’s wearing something the looks like loincloth! Given the choice I’d give it a pass, even at a bargain bin price. I was first taken aback by such a low rating of 3!

vedma 2006

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You won’t miss much by missing out on this film.

Vedma (The Power of Fear) – Wikipedia

Konstantin Ershov, Georgiy Kropachyov. At first I thought I got a bad disc out of audio sync, then had to surmise it was a foreign film since I couldn’t read the jacket Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Audible Download Audio Books. The scenes inside the sanctuary are simply stunning. Ivan is now being pursued by her spirit, or something, and he has to have faith, or something, to beat it. The camera work has also done a very good job. Official site Official site [Russia].


I don’t know if its Faith Films fault or that of the producers who made the film hoping to dump into the West revealed in the making of piece. Their work was reminiscent of the Italian films of the nineteen sixties and early seventies, Mario Bava etcetera.

There are also some weird, intentionally oblique moments as the main character being vrdma reporter at the start and a priest a short time later. But I also think it wasn’t all that horrible after all. As I’ve said it has all sorts of technical issues that just make this an odd ball curio.

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It’s a folklore story about witches. Many years ago, I have seen a Serbian film “Sveto mesto” “Holy Ground” which turned out to be fairly good and which I later found out to be based on Gogolj’s “Vij”. The movie is so thoroughly and utterly fake it deserves only to be an exhibit in a wax figure museum. The film could have been a lot better I agree on that.

For a horror film, I personally would recommend giving it a watch. He’s wearing something the looks like loincloth! The original story concerns a priest who has to watch over the body of a witch with only his faith to protect him.

vedma 2006

I really hate Christian films. The only exceptions being the sheriff played by Lembit Ulfsak, a fine Estonian 2060, and Arnis Lizitis who plays a wheelchair bound resident of Castleville. The vedms could have been a lot better I agree on that. Given the choice I’d give it a pass, even at a bargain bin price. Everything, starting with the dialog and down to the prop department. Personally, I don’t think that makes any difference.


vedma 2006

Ivan Berkhoff Evgeniya Kryukova It has been difficult to find, though. The art direction and special effects are fantastic.

The Power Of Fear: Vedma (2006)

Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. After popping it into my DVD player I re-examined the jacket cover and even though I took the cover out of from the plastic viewer, I STILL could not read any of the production detail information about the film. It’s a folklore story about witches.

In a strange nod to Russianness, the journalist is named Ivan Berkhoff. The makers of the film say it’s about finding faith.

I hadn’t seen any other versions of the story upon viewing this.